I have spent my whole life within the world of colour. Looking back, it could be mistaken for destiny, but how I got to this place in time is a tale of serendipity, family legacy, chance meetings, wrong turns and a tenacious pursuit of the alchemical transformation of dirt into colour. In the process, I founded a paint-making company that has become one of the world’s most respected makers of artists’ oil paints.

Born in the UK, I studied painting at Bristol Art College under a traditional system learning colour, draftsmanship, composition and the preparation and manufacture of the artist’s materials: canvas, paint, mediums and varnishes. From this advantageous education I began my career in colour.

In 1992 I emigrated to Australia, determined to build a business on my knowledge and passion. Langridge Artist Colours initially supplied the materials I knew best – artist-quality pigments and my own range of oil mediums – to artist friends within the Melbourne art world. In 2005 I released our oil colours as the centre-piece of the brand. In the twenty-five years since I began the business, it has grown to become Australia’s leading paint-making company with continued demand for Langridge paint now extending internationally.

Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to have lectured and written on the nature and uses of colour with institutions and publications around the world. The opportunity to share my passion and knowledge with others has rewarded me with meeting so many wonderfully passionate people curious about the materials and science of painting.

After almost forty years working with colour I’m still amazed at its power to excite emotions. Whether it is the discovery of a pigment’s history (some are as old as the ages), or the electrifying sensation of seeing a new modern pigment for the first time, this excitement has never left me.